Survey Results

as of 2001.12.08 06.00 CST

Don't expect to see your opinion reflected immediately as I have to assemble the results by hand.

You may notice that there are not the same number of responses for each question. Partly this is because one question was added later, and partly it is because not all respondents answered all questions.

Of course, this is not a scientific survey and no measures have been taken against ballot stuffing or made up answers.

Sorry, I can't, for the life of me, get the titles to come out in alphabetical order.

Movie released this year that 40 clydesdales couldn't drag you to see:

This is where the movies go that have the most unappealing trailers. We appear to have a winner in Black Knight.

Favorite movie so far this year:

The consensus appears to be that the best movies seen this year had to star CGI monsters with Shrek and Monsters, Inc. as clear winners. Porco Rosso or The Crimson Pig, a close contender, is also animated but in the more traditional fashion.

Least favorite movie so far this year:

This category shows a clear case of ballot stuffing as for both La Cíenaga and Liam, the winner (or is it loser?) and a near runner-up, I submitted all votes while I was testing my form. In theory, they should be disqualified and American Pie II should receive the title, but this is the internet and that's why Carebears Meets Harry Potter is here.

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