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Why is the site so three star and four star heavy? Am I just indiscriminate?:

The professional critics get paid to watch utter stinkers. I don't. Usually, if I sit through a film it's because there was something about it I liked.

What do the ratings mean?

I don't do half stars. For this reason, if there is a movie I'm waffling on, I might award it that extra half for effort. Conversely, if I had higher expectations, I might downgrade the half.

I hated it but there was a redeeming feature.
I didn't enjoy it but it might just be me.
I liked it more than not, but some things worked and some didn't.
I really enjoyed it but you could probably rent it.
Everyone should see this movie! A must own!


Born 1960, if it's any of your business.


Female. I'm a mother and everything.


Yes, since 1987.


One, a girl. She's a gem but I'm not very maternal.




Being as unproductive as possible, particularly if it involves kicking back in front of the wide screen telly with a drink and a snack.

Most anticipated (by me) and ultimately disappointing movie, 2001:

Tomb Raider

Best movie I never heard of until I saw it, 2001:

It's a tie! Jakarta and National 7.

Why I watch movies:

For escapism. The farther a film is from real life the better I like it. However, just because I like fantastic elements doesn't mean I don't want the characters to behave in human ways given their situations.

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