I have segued into watching anime so when I saw Initial D the live action movie, it was a perfect fit.

My updates will contue to be erratic at best. I had forgotten what a hassles it all is.

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OK, I finally have the review of Hero and, count 'em, six screen captures! Also a paragraph on Bulletproof Monk.

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The results of the Hong Kong Film Awards are in. Hero and Infernal Affairs were the big winners. Here's my review of Infernal Affairs and I'll try not to wait another six weeks for my review of Hero.

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I have a review of Naked Weapon, Wong Jings latest bit of violent fluff. Also, I went to see Cradle 2 the Grave opening weekend. Read my thoughts.

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Went to see Shanghai Knights last weekend which inspred me to review and old Donnie Yen film, Ballistic Kiss. Oh, and a shorty on Shanghai Knights as well.

Added a teeny bit to my short review of The One.

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As promised, here is my take on Black Mask 2.

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It has taken me awhile, what with a horrid cold and all, but I have finally completed my review of Black Mask including a comparison of the Hong Kong and American DVD versions.

Of course, that was just in preparation for Black Mask 2: City of Masks, coming soon.

I also noticed an error with the link in 2002 to the picture of Chiu. This has been corrected.

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Red stars!


Here's my look back at 2002 with some pretty good films I saw last year.

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Happy New Year! I am still working on 10 Pretty Good Movies. I need to refresh my memory about some films I saw early in the year.

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