Front cover of The God of Cookery DVD.

The God of Cookery


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Directed by:

Stephen Chiau
Lee Lik Chi


Stephen ChiauGod of Cookery
Karen MokTurkey
Ng Man TatHead of a food conglomerate
Vincent KukBull Tong
Nancy SitHerself

Writing Credits:

Stephen Chiau
K. C. Tsang
Lo Man Sang

Martial Art Director:

Poon Kin Kwan


I don't remember where I got it but this is easily available.



Video Signal:

This is one of my favorite movies. I have watched the closing competition many a time, but there is plenty of good stuff throughout the movie. It is funny and touching. Chiau is a major jerk at the beginning but is redeemed by the end.
The God of Cookery, Stephen Chiau, is exposed as a fraud by his enemies, Bull and Ng Man Tat (whose character's name I didn't catch). After bottoming out he hooks up with a couple of street food vendors, Turkey and Goosehead, and comes up with the idea of combining beef balls and pissing shrimp. They call the new snack explosive pissing beef balls. They are a great success. This allows Chiau a chance to regain his title of 'God of Cookery'.

Standout Scenes:

The opening cooking competition.

Nancy Sit, the competition judge, rolling in ecstasy on a giant slab of barbecue pork.

The remainder of the closing competition.

Every scene with the Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin.

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