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Directed by:

Jung Cho-sin


Kim Sang-joongHae-ryong
Yoon Da-hoonSa-hyun
Lim Chang-jeongBlue
Jin Hui-kyungRed
Lee Jae-eunEu-nah
Kim Se-junWhite
Park Jun-kyuDoo-san

Screen Captures:

Blue Arrested. (~54K)
Blue begs for his life. (~47K)
The ransome video (~67K)


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Video Signal:

I can't remember why I picked this out. I guess the premise of three gangs robbing the same bank at the same time sounded intriguing. Little did I guess, I was getting a Korean Sting.
The first gang, Red, White, and Blue is using an Ocean's 11 high tech heist method, drilling up from the sewer. The second gang, composed of Sa-Hyun the bank vice-president and Eun-ah, a teller, are just going in to the vault, on legitimate business, and take the money. The last gang, Doo-san and Hae-ryong, plan to walk in dressed as cops.
Sa-hyun catches Blue in the vault and grabs him and his satchel of money. Eunah phones the police and Doo-san and Hae-ryong burst in arresting Blue and taking Sa-hyun along as a witness, forgetting the money. Instead they hold Sa-hyun for ransome.
The first forty minutes show the three robberies and how they all go awry. The remaining runtime tells the same story but allows us to see details leading up to the robberies and after that put a whole different spin on the story. However, the filmakers do play fair with us, there are hints in the first section that all is not as it seems.
I'm not familiar with Korean actors so I can't tell you whether they were playing to type or against but they were uniformly excellent. White seemed to have wandered in from another movie but I assume he was written that way. Blue was particularly magnetic. Sa-hyun was totally smarmy.
The DVD is anamorphic and the picture is excellent. I have just one minor quibble. Occasionally, the English subtitles are mistimed, with lines appearing long before they are spoken. They don't appear out of order but it sometimes appears as if the wrong person said them. The English or Korean subtitles are removeable and very readable using the white outlined in black system. In addition, the English subtitles are very idiomatic and obviously written by someone who speaks English well.

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