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Kick the Moon



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Directed by:

Kim Sang-jin


Lee Sung-jaeYoung-joon
Cha Seung-wonGi-dong
Kim Hae-sooJu-ran

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Mah is called up. (~59K)


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I bought this because I hadn't had a Korean movie in a while and it was from the director of Attack the Gas Station which I greatly enjoyed.
The film starts with a high school talent show during a field trip to the resort town of Gyeongju. The class nerd, Young-joon, is booed off the stage in favor of the cool guy, Gi-dong. His piece is interrupted when the local kids come to rumble. It is an epic battle that is still remembered but Young-joon doesn't join in.
Flash forward fifteen years or so, to the same town. Gi-dong is now a teacher there, attempting to beat his miscreant students, Ju-sup and his buddies, into good behavior and a respectable life but they want the glamorous life of a gangster.
Meanwhile, Young-joon is a mid-level mob boss in Seoul. He's sent to Gyeongju to take the town over from the local boss, Mah Chun-soo. He meets up with Gi-dong when Gi-dong comes to drag Ju-sup and his pal home from applying for positions in Mah's gang. Young-joon and Gi-dong go out for drinks for old times and become friends of a sort. In fact, they are together when Gi-dong gets called to the police station because Ju-sup and his buddies have been arrested for fighting. There they meet Ju-san, Ju-sup's beautiful big sister and Gi-dong is instantly smitten. Young-joon plays it closer to the chest.
You gotta love a movie where the mob boss gets called up for reserve duty! The gentleman who played Mah was excellent, alternately funny and scary. Ms Kim was also excellent as Ju-ran.
I'm not sure what genre to place the film in. There are a lot of melees but not a lot of gunplay. It is very funny but not in a banana peel sort of way. Maybe it is a comedy about loyalty?
If there is an issue I have with this film it is that I thought the teenage Young-joon looked more like the adult Gi-dong and vice-versa.

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