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A Kid from Tibet


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Directed by:

Yuen Biao


Yuen BiaoWong La
Yuen WahEvil Sorcerer
Nina LiEvil Sorcerer's Sister

Action Director:

Yuen Biao


I don't remember where I got it.



Video Signal:

Lawyer Robinson comes to Portala Palace to arrange the handover of a five hundred year old gold bottle reputed to have magic properties. The boss Lama sends Wong La to Hong Kong to get the bottle, bringing the stopper as proof he is the right lama. Meanwhile, Yuen Wah and Nina Li are members of the black Buddhist Sect which was expelled from Tibet using the bottle and are planning to steal it. Supernatural powers are on constant display because Wong La doesn't know the meaning of the word "discrete".
There's a lot going on this movie and the pace rarely flags but it is not always successful. I would have liked to see more of Yuen Wah chewing the scenery.

Standout Scenes:

Wong La calling out the finger stances necessary for Yuen Wah to unleash the bottle. Of course, the finger stances would have names, but it never occurred to me.

Yuen Wah barely fazed by having his arm lopped off.

Best Line:

Yuen Wah: "I want to rule the world of Esoteric Buddhism. "

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