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La Brassiere



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Directed by:

Patrick Leung
Chan Hing Kai


Sean Lau Chung WanJohnny (Screen capture ~52k, Johnny and Wayne)
Louis Koo Tin LokWayne
Carina LauSamantha
Gigi LeungLena
Patrick TamAli (cameo)
Karen Mok"Baby" (cameo)
Stephen FungFung (cameo)

Writing Credits:

Chan Hing Kai
Amy Chin


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Cross dressing always works for me. I know it's low humor but it's classic low humor. When I heard about this comedy, I had to give it a shot.
The Sis Group is an all female company that designs and markets women's undergarments. The president decides that it is time the company had some male input and orders Samantha, the head of the Hong Kong branch, to hire to male designers to produce a new model of "Ultimate Bra" in three months. Samantha does not think this is good plan but she is forced to acquiesce.
Johnny is a former designer of men's briefs. He has a live in girl friend but soon falls for Samantha. Wayne is God's gift to women, or so he thinks. Both guys are prepared to revel in their new jobs. On their first day, the men stride into the office, to the sounds of Gambler King type music, where the women, with the notable exceptions of Samantha and Lena, await them with all the eager expectation of an all male office getting its first women.
Lena is the chief designer and also against the plan. She feels that men will not bring any particular insight to the job. Johnny and Wayne are made her peers. This goes over like a lead balloon. It doesn't help that Lena and Wayne have an immediate antipathy.
The women all take their task of producing comfortable, supportive, attractive bras very seriously and the movie takes it seriously as well. Wayne and Johnny, however, don't until their first design fails and Lena challenges them to wear bras for half a day (Screen capture ~52k, Johnny and Wayne).
The movie should be called "What Women Want ... in a Bra", where Bra sometimes means a bra and sometimes doesn't. There are lots of breasts in lots of bras but the humor wasn't smirking as I expected it to be. I laughed out loud several times (like I said, cross dressing always works for me). As far as the story goes, there are no surprises but that's OK 'cause you have a good time on the way. Lau Ching Wan was charming, as usual, and Gigi Leung warmed up well as the thawing ice maiden.

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