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Directed by:

Stephen Frears


Ian HartDad
Claire HackettMum
Anthony BorrowsLiam
David HartCon
Megan BurnsTeresa

Writing Credits:

Jimmy McGovern


This is the story of a catholic family in Liverpool in the '30s. In the beginning, Mr. Sullivan has a good job at the shipyard and they have enough for some extras. Liam, the youngest child, is preparing for his first Communion. When the shipyard closes, the Sullivans have to get by on the earnings of the elder son and a daughter who goes into service with the Jewish family that owns the closed shipyard. Mr. Sullivan will not let his wife work and becomes more and more bitter, blaming his fate on the Irish, for working for less, and the Jews, for having money. Everything does not come right in the end.
Horrific comic relief is provided by the Catholic school where Liam is taught that everytime he sins, the nails are driven deeper in to Jesus' hands.
The scenes in Liam ring true and Anthony Borrows is very magnetic. Unfortunately, too often the story strays from Liam on to his father and loses momentum. At 88 minutes, the film feels much longer. I was checking my watch at 70. I enjoy movies for escapism and Liam effectively delineates a world to escape from, not to.

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