Front cover of The Miracle Fighters DVD.

The Miracle Fighters


out of

Directed by:

Yuen Woo-Ping


Yuen Cheung Yan (I think)Shu Gun
Eddie KoKao
Leung Kar Yan
Yuen Yat Choh
Yuen Shun Yee
Brandy Yuen

Action Choreographer:

Yuen Brothers


I don't remember where I got it.



Video Signal:

A young man, Shu Gun, is raised by the former Kung Fu instructor for the army, Kao. He is mistaken for the long missing prince. Sorcerer Bat kidnaps Shu Gun and murders Kao but Shu Gun escapes and takes refuge with bickering sorcerers, a little old man and a little old woman, who train him in sorcery so he can bring Bat to justice.
This is an amazing movie. It has a very fairy tale air in that bizarre events occur just because they occur. The actual plot is simplistic and there is little character development but there is one cool scene after another.

Standout Scenes:

All of the scenes with the Pot Man.

Sorcerer Bat hanging upside down, skittering along a beam and emitting high pitched squeaks.

The entire sorcerer's competition.

Random Remarks:

To my untrained eye, much of the magic appears to be performed by slight of hand using, what I assume are, Peking Opera tricks.

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