My Boss, My Hero

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4 stars out of 5 stars

Directed by:

Yun Je-Gyun


Jeong Jun-hoGye Du-shik
Jeong Ung-inSang-du
Jeong Un-taeckHead
Park Jun-gyuMr. Jo
Oh Seung-eunYun-ju
Song Seon-miMs. Lee
Kim Sang-jungEldest Brother
Lim Chang-jeongBully bully


Yun Je-gyun


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Du-shik is a rising young executive with one problem, the other leaders don't respect him because he is pig ignorant and doesn't have an e-mail address. Du-shik clears a new territory and expects his boss to assign it to him but eldest brother wants him to get a high school diploma first.

A school is selected and Du-shik begins attending, subject to all the mishaps that usually befall adults returning to high school... He's late on the first day, has to go to the principal's office and a bully takes his money.

The school is utterly corrupt. It regularly imposes new fees and extorts money from the students. An affiliated hospital is in trouble so the male students must all receive circumcisions at their own expense. Grades are for sale. Teachers are subject to intimidation by richer parents. Du-shik goes along to get along and get that degree. Finally, of course, the line is crossed.

Jeong Hun-ho as Du-shik and Jeong Ung-in as his lieutenant, Sang-du, are excellent. Jeong Ung-in is master of the reaction. Do-Shik's other lieutenant, Head, is too cartoony, an obvious attempt to provide comic relief to those amused by numbskulls.

My Boss, My Hero is an enjoyable gangster comedy, less farcial than My Wife is Gangster. It's funniest bits aren't as funny but the grim bits aren't as grim either. You know where it is going and it slickly brings you there. The climactic gang fight is brutal though not as gruesome as it probably should be, given the bats.


Thumbnail of Du-shik ( Jeong Jun-ho )

Du-shik (Jeong Jun-ho) (~16K)

Thumbnail of Du-shik ( Jeong Jun-ho )

Du-shik (Jeong Jun-ho) (~24K)

Thumbnail of Sang-du (Jeong Ung-in) and Head (Jeong Un-taeck)

Sang-du (Jeong Ung-in) and Head (Jeong Un-taeck) (~40K)

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