My Life as McDull

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5 stars out of 5 stars

Directed by:

Toe Yuen


Anthony WongLogan

Original Story:

Brian Tse
Alice Mak


Brian Tse

Art Director:

Alice Mak


From Poker Industries.



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My Life as McDull tells the, mostly happy, adventures of a little pig growing up in Hong Kong with his mother. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, McDull himself is an average child, other than that pig thing. While Hong Kong is ever present, in vital, grubby glory, McDull's adventures are universal and are accompanied by a jaunty score.

McDull tells us about his mother, Mrs. McBing, the world's greatest. Unlike other adults, she is drawn as a pig, but she can whup your mother with one hand tied behind her back. We see that like any single parent she is trying to get by as best she can; even coming up with a web cooking show though, as it turns out, her cooking skill runs mostly to preparing store bought meat buns.

McDull falls ill. Mrs. McBing struggles to get his medicine into him, finally promising McDull a trip to the Maldives when he is well. McDull has been longing to go to the Maldives so he dutifully takes his medication. He holds his mother to her promise but she just can't afford it. Finally, they pack up, take a bus trip across town, up a mountain on a tram, to a glorious day in the Maldive Islands.

A beauteous windsurfer inspires McDull to find her coach, Logan, and learn wind surfing. Somehow, McDull becomes apprenticed to learn Logan's other great art, bun snatching. Mrs. McBing has Olympic dreams.

McDull yearns for Christmas turkey but his mother won't buy one because they are too large. Finally, she succumbs to his wiles and he finally gets to taste the delicious fowl.

While McDull's school mates are an assortment of ducks, cows, and turtles this is not a cutesy movie. The film is a an adventurous combination of techniques from classical animation for the characters, to CGI for pans and zooms around the city, to what appear to be paper cut outs for vehicles in the city streets and rows of buildings. The movie is worth seeing for the buses alone.

My Life as McDull is one of the few Hong Kong movies that I can, enthusiastically, recommend to all ages, though, unless you understand Cantonese, you'll need to be a reader.


Thumbnail of Mrs. McBing at the grocery store

Mrs. McBing at the grocery store (~40K)

Thumbnail of bus in Hong Kong.

Bus in Hong Kong (~25K)

Thumbnail of McDull and Mrs. McBing.

McDull and Mrs. McBing (~25K)

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