Front cover of The New Legend of Shaolin DVD.

The New Legend of Shaolin



out of

Directed by:

Wong Jing


Jet Li Lian JieHung Hey-Kwun
Xie MiaoMan Ting
Chingmy YauNotorious Daughter
Deannie YipNotorious Mother
Wong JingFong Sai Yu

Action Director:

Corey Yuen Kwai


I don't remember where I got it, but it is Tai Seng which would make it easily available.



Video Signal:

I've read a lot of snide things about Wong Jing but I've enjoyed every one of his movies I've seen and that includes The New Legend of Shaolin.
The film begins with Wong Jing's riff on the Lone Wolf and Cub movies, family slaughtered, Hung Hey-Kwun offers his infant son Man Ting a choice of the knife or the toy horse. The kid opts for the knife and they go off to bury their dead and bring down the Manchus. Jump seven or eight years to the future, Man Ting is now a martial arts ace, too. They are pursued by Ma Ling Yee who has made himself a poison man and rides around in a chrome batmobile. Humor is provided by Man Ting, five other kung fu kids, with a treasure map tattoed on their backs, and the con artists, the Notorious Mother and Notorious Daughter.
It is hard for me to judge the action sequences because of the grainy picture but they seemed fine, notable mainly in Hung's weapon of choice, a spear, and small boy fu.
When I originally reviewed this movie it was on VCD and the picture was terrible. I now have it on DVD and there have been only slight improvements. I suspect they used the Laser Disk file instead of creating a new DVD file.

Random Remarks:

I watched this as soon as I got home from work and I was continually interrupted by child and husband. So rude!

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