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The Occupant


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Directed by:

Ronny Yu


Chow Yun FatValentino
Sally YehAngie
Raymond WongHansom Wong

Writing Credits:

Edward Li


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Video Signal:

Angie (Sally Yeh) comes to Hong Kong from Canada to write her master's thesis on Chinese superstitions. Angie discovers she can't afford even the YMCA so she finds an apartment she can afford which she rents from nebbishy Hansom Wong. He tells her the reason it is so cheap is because someone was murdered there. Right off the bat, she and Hansom observe some spectral stuff but she opts to stay, figuring it will be good research. In an effort to get her into bed, Hansom drives Angie around to meet all the best mediums and diviners. When she still won't sleep with him, he refuses to leave the apartment and, eventually, gets thrown out the window by a ghost. Unfortunately, he survives by landing on a car. Valentino, a cop, is sent to investigate, having been called by the owners of the car who are mad about their roof. There is more spectral stuff and the three, Angie, Hansom, and Valentino, determine there really is a ghost. The remainder of the film consists of them trying to find out what the ghost wants, and Hansom and Valentino both trying to bed Angie.
Chow Yun Fat is a god but even he can't save this film. Partly, that is because his character has a low sense of humor. I found the humorous moments, such as making up Hansom Wong like a woman while he sleeps, infantile and mean spirited. Maybe it loses something in translation.

Standout Scenes:

All right, I admit it, the scene where Hansom Wong is possessed by a female spirit works for me.

Random Remarks:

I didn't really like a single character except Valentino's big brother, the spiritualist.

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