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4 stars out of 5 stars

Directed by:

Sylvia Chang
Alan Yuen


Daniel WuJoker
Edison ChenKid
Lee Sin JeLing
Anthony WongJoker's Dad
Patricia HaLing's Mother
Wong Yik LamSam


Sylvia Chang
Alan Yuen


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Joker works at a computer game company. They are in the midst of developing the main character, who will be female, for their next game. The company designs a CGI model with perfect features. Joker feels she should be less perfect and more human. After he sees Ling working in a bar he knows the new character should look like Ling. The company disagrees, even though, in the real world, Ling is beautiful. Joker quits to write his own game with the main character based on Ling.

Of course, a romance develops between Ling and Joker despite the contrast between their backgrounds. Joker is secure. His Dad (Anthony Wong, looking very trim and healthy), supports Joker, and Joker's kid brother, Kid, after Joker quits his job. He doesn't complain about the new software company setting up shop in his backroom. He is totally supportive. Ling doesn't have this safety net. Her mother loves her but she is not all there. Ling's Dad is in prison and little brother Sam is well on his way to joining him. Ling has to look out for her mother and Sam. She will do anything to keep Sam out of more trouble.

This is the first work I've seen by Sylvia Chang so I can't relate it to her other work. However, I would watch more of her films. The shots where Joker sees that Ling must be his protagonist are convincing. It is plain why he sees her as the hero.

I did not foresee the ending which, while right, was not what I expected. This is a good thing. There were several good scenes, particularly the taut climax which I will not divulge. For instance, Joker decides to get a Princess-D tattoo. Kid has grandiose plans for his own body art. Kid wimps out and gets his temporary. There is a whole subplot between Kid and a girl, Lovely, that did not contribute anything except scenes of a Hello Kitty bar.


Thumbnail of CGI fly.

CGI fly (~50K)

Thumbnail of Joker (Daniel Wu) and Ling (Lee Sin Je)

Joker (Daniel Wu) and Ling (Lee Sin Je) (~25K)

Thumbnail of Joker's father (Anthony Wong) dancing with Ling (Lee Sin Je) while Joker (Daniel Wu)  looks on

Joker's father (Anthony Wong) dancing with Ling (Lee Sin Je) while Joker (Daniel Wu) looks on (~25K)

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