Front cover of Saga of the Phoenix DVD.

Saga of the Phoenix



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Directed by:

Nam Nai Choi
Lau Sze Yu


Yuen BiaoPeacock
Gloria YipHell Virgin Ashura
Loletta Lee

Writing Credits:

Wong Tsui Wah
Leung Yiu Ming

Action Choreographer:

Yuen Bun


I don't remember where I got it.



Video Signal:

This sequel to the Peacock King is the story of the last week on earth of the Hell Virgin, Ashura. Monks Peacock and Lucky Fruit must keep her out of the clutches of the other hell beings, principally the Hell Concubine who is assisted by Hell's Oz Monkeys (not really but that is what they reminded me of). On Ashura's side, in addition to Peacock and Lucky Fruit, are a cute woman whose name I never caught, her brother who is a scientist with a teleporter, and Ashura's best friend/pet, Genie, a gremlinesque imp puppet.
The movie is rated Category I (suitable for all ages) and, indeed, my daughter got sucked into it and enjoyed the parts she saw but there is a scene with a burning, then burnt, evil Oz monkey which is pretty gross. (My kid was out of the room for that so I can't give her reaction). There is also a pretty horrid monster in the climax. However, it did not seem to faze my child who was not quite 10.

Standout Scenes:

Climactic battle between the Hell Concubine monster and the Peacock King.

Every scene with the Oz monkeys.

Random Remarks:

I have some odd crying need to see everything with Yuen Biao so it was disappointing to me that he was frozen in ice for about half the movie.

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