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Directed by:

Richard Linklater


Ethan HawkeVince
Robert Sean LeonardJohn
Uma ThurmanAmy

Writing Credits:

Stephen Belber


This is another movie I saw throught Talk Cinema. Prior to this I had seen one Linklater film, The Newton Boys which I had enjoyed though I found it a little slow paced at times. However, it had fabulous music and I regularly listen to the sound track. I had heard that Tape was about three people sitting around a motel room discussing whether one of them had raped another. Oh, yeah, and its shot on digital video in one room. That's pretty much it but it doesn't really do the film justice.
Vince is a volunteer firefighter who makes a living by dealing pot to old fogies like his fire chief. The show opens with him bouncing around his motel room in his boxers drinking beer. One thing I didn't get is why he poured a beer down the drain for each one he drank. Was this some way of keeping his intake down? You've got to hand it to Hawke here because he's definitely not looking movie star handsome. He's a little paunchy and a little zitty.
John's directorial debut is being shown at the Lansing Michigan Film Festival and he's in town for the meet and greet after. Vince, his old high school chum has come from Oakland, California to share his old buddy's glory, or so it seems.
The two catch up on old times with John telling Vince he has to get a grip and get control of his life, get a real job. Gradually, Vince works the conversation around to a party in the last few weeks of high school when John had intercourse with Amy, Vince's former girl friend. Vince wants John to admit it was forcible while John maintains it was rough but consensual, though he may have applied extreme verbal pressure.
Well, Vince has this all orchestrated. It turns out Amy is an assistant DA in Lansing and he's invited her to dinner and to give her take on the events at that party.
The surprising thing is that this is a very funny film and not as talking head as you might expect from the small space. The guys fidget and pace and the small camera allows full use to be made of the confines. To me the dialog sounded true to the characters.

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