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Beauty and the Breast



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Directed by:

Yip Wai Man


Francis NgMario
Michele ReisYuki
Daniel WuHarper
Halina TamAmy
Amanda StrangAda
Angela TongLilliana
Sophie NganCathalina
Matt ChowBrother Fat
Lam Tse ChungChoi
Wong Yat FeiChan Pak Cheung (Dad)
Wong Tin Lam


Not a Woman


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Well, Lau Ching Wan did a boob comedy (La Brassiere) so I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Francis Ng has done one as well ...

Mario is a brown-nosing hound dog at company that manufactures ointments, particularly the folk remedy "Piggy Oil". When a pretty new girl, Yuki, starts work, the sleazy boss, Brother Fat, bets Mario that he can't bed her within the week. Mario feigns a tumor to gain Yuki's sympathy. This works a treat until Yuki takes him home to meet her Daddy, who is skilled in Chinese medicine and knowledgeable about western medicine also. Daddy sees that Mario is perfectly healthy.

Meanwhile, Brother Fat has brought in two big breasted women to help him add a breast enhancing ointment to the product line. They are evil and the breast enhancer not only doesn't work but is corrosively toxic. Of course, Yuki's dad has developed a safe and effective breast developing ointment which, you see this coming I bet, Yuki applies to Mario for revenge.

The movie isn't funny. Mario has a brief pang of conscience about seducing Yuki and sincerely believes in "Piggy Oil" but he is an unlikeable jerk who deserves everything he gets. Yet, somehow, when he and his buddy Harper develop the breasts it still doesn't work. When their breasts are revealed at a night club, it is just crude.

In another scene, Yuki and her buddies Big A and Little A are having a sleep over and display their breasts to each other so they can compare. I'm sorry guys, twelve year olds might do this but not adults.


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Mario's conscience (~28K)

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