Favorite Hong Kong Movies, 2002 Edition

The Cream

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2000 AD2000IMDb button
20022001IMDb button
Accidental Spy, The2001IMDb button
Armour of the Gods1986IMDb button
Ballistic Kiss1998IMDb button
Better Tomorrow II, A1987IMDb button
Better Tomorrow, A1986IMDb button
Big Bullet1996IMDb button
Black Cat1991IMDb button
Black Mask1996IMDb button
Bodyguard from Beijing1994IMDb button
Chinese Ghost Story, A1987IMDb button
City Hunter1992IMDb button
Conman, The1998IMDb button
Conmen in Vegas, The1999IMDb button
Downtown Torpedoes1997IMDb button
Dr. Wei and the Scripture with no Words1996IMDb button
Dragons Forever1987IMDb button
Duel, The2000IMDb button
Eastern Condors1986IMDb button
Enter the Eagles1998IMDb button
Fist of Legend1994IMDb button
Fong Sai Yuk1993IMDb button
Fong Sai Yuk II1993IMDb button
Forbidden City Cop1996IMDb button
From Beijing With Love1994IMDb button
Fulltime Killer2001IMDb button
Gen-Y Cops2000IMDb button
God of Cookery, The1996IMDb button
God of Gamblers1989IMDb button
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage1997IMDb button
God of Gamblers Return1994IMDb button
Hard Boiled1992IMDb button
Heroic Trio, The1992IMDb button
High Risk1995IMDb button
Hitman1998IMDb button
Hot War1998IMDb button
Iceman Cometh1989IMDb button
In the Line of Duty IV1989IMDb button
Iron Monkey (1993)1993IMDb button
Killer, The1989IMDb button
King of Beggars1992IMDb button
King of Comedy1999IMDb button
Kung Fu Cult Master, The1993IMDb button
Last Hero in China1993IMDb button
Legend of Zu2001IMDb button
Longest Nite, The1997IMDb button
Magnificent Warriors1987IMDb button
Man Called Hero, A1999IMDb button
Master, The1989IMDb button
Millionaire's Express1986IMDb button
Miracle Fighters, The1982IMDb button
Miracles1989IMDb button
Mission, The1999IMDb button
My Father is a Hero1995IMDb button
My Life as McDull2001IMDb button
Naked Killer1992IMDb button
New Legend of Shaolin1994IMDb button
Once a Thief1990IMDb button
Once Upon a Time in China1991IMDb button
Once Upon a Time in China and America1997IMDb button
Once Upon a Time in China II1992IMDb button
Once Upon a Time in China III1993IMDb button
Operation Condor1990IMDb button
Police Story1985IMDb button
Police Story II1988IMDb button
Police Story III: Supercop1992IMDb button
Prodigal Son, The1983IMDb button
Project A1983IMDb button
Project A II1987IMDb button
Purple Storm1999IMDb button
Righting Wrongs1986IMDb button
Rumble in the Bronx1995IMDb button
Running Out of Time1999IMDb button
Saga of the Phoenix1990IMDb button
Savior of the Soul1992IMDb button
Shaolin Soccer2001IMDb button
Shaolin Temple, The (Technically this is a PRC film but it does have Jet Li Lian Jie)1979IMDb button
Storm Riders, The1998IMDb button
Tai-Chi Master, The1993IMDb button
Tiger on Beat1988IMDb button
Time and Tide2000IMDb button
Tokyo Raiders2000IMDb button
Twin Dragons1990IMDb button
Wheels on Meals1984IMDb button
Who Am I1998IMDb button
Wild Search1989IMDb button
Wing Chun1994IMDb button

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