Favorite Hong Kong Movies, 2002 Edition

The Vast Middle

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Aces Go Places III1984IMDb button
Aces Go Places IV1986IMDb button
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King
All the Wrong Spies1983IMDb button
All's Well Ends Well1992IMDb button
Autumn's Tale, An1987IMDb button
Awakening1994IMDb button
Bakery Amour2001IMDb button
Beast Cops1998IMDb button
Beijing Rocks2001IMDb button
Better Tomorrow III, A1989IMDb button
Beyond Hypothermia1996IMDb button
Bio Zombie1998IMDb button
Blacksheep Affair1998IMDb button
Blade, The
Born to Defence1986IMDb button
Born Wild2001IMDb button
Brassiere, La2001IMDb button
Bride with White Hair, The1993IMDb button
Bullet in the Head1990IMDb button
Bullets over Summer1999IMDb button
Casino Raiders1989IMDb button
Cheap Killers1998IMDb button
Cheaters, The2001IMDb button
Chinese Feast, The1995IMDb button
Chinese Ghost Story II, A1990IMDb button
Chinese Ghost Story, A (animated)1997IMDb button
Chinese Odyssey Part One, Pandora's Box, A1994IMDb button
Chinese Odyssey Part Two, Cinderella, A1994IMDb button
Chinese Odyssey, 20022002IMDb button
Chung King Express1994IMDb button
City on Fire1987IMDb button
City War1988IMDb button
Clean My Name, Mr. Coroner2000IMDb button
Conman in Tokyo2000IMDb button
Crime Story1993IMDb button
Curry and Pepper1990IMDb button
Days of Being Dumb, The1992IMDb button
Don't Give a Damn1994IMDb button
Double Tap2000IMDb button
Dragon Inn1992IMDb button
Dreadnaught1981IMDb button
Drunken Master1978IMDb button
Drunken Master II1994IMDb button
Duel to the Death1982IMDb button
Dummy Mommy Without a Baby2001IMDb button
Eagle Shooting Heroes1993IMDb button
East is Red, The1992IMDb button
Enter the Fat Dragon1978IMDb button
Executioners1993IMDb button
Expect the Unexpected1998IMDb button
Extreme Challenge2001IMDb button
Fallen Angels1995IMDb button
Fearless Hyena1979IMDb button
Fight Back to School1991IMDb button
Fight Back to School 21992IMDb button
Fight Back to School III1993IMDb button
Fire Dragon1994IMDb button
First Option1996IMDb button
First Strike1996IMDb button
Fist of Fury 19911991IMDb button
Flirting Scholar1993IMDb button
Flying Dagger1993IMDb button
Full Alert1997IMDb button
Full Contact1992IMDb button
Full Throttle1995IMDb button
Gen-X Cops1999IMDb button
God of Gamblers II1991IMDb button
God of Gamblers Part III: Back to Shanghai1991IMDb button
God.com1998IMDb button
Gorgeous1999IMDb button
Greatest Lover, The1988IMDb button
Green Snake1993IMDb button
H.K. Triad, The1999IMDb button
Hail the Judge1994IMDb button
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu1980IMDb button
Hand of Death1975IMDb button
Her Name is Cat1998IMDb button
Her Name is Cat: Journey to Death
Hero1997IMDb button
Hero Never Dies, A1998IMDb button
Heroes Shed no Tears1986IMDb button
Hit Team2001IMDb button
Horror Hotline ... Big Head Monster2001IMDb button
I Love Maria1988IMDb button
In the Mood for Love2000IMDb button
Inspector Wears Skirts, The1988IMDb button
Justice My Foot1992IMDb button
Kick Boxer1993IMDb button
Kid from Tibet, A1992IMDb button
Kids from Shaolin1983IMDb button
Killer's Love, The1988IMDb button
Knockabout1979IMDb button
Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic1991IMDb button
Last Hurrah for Chivalry1978IMDb button
Legacy of Rage1986IMDb button
Legend of Speed, The1999IMDb button
Legend of the Dragon1990IMDb button
Legend of the Flying Swordsman, The
Legend of the Liquid Sword1993IMDb button
Legend of the Wolf1997IMDb button
Legend of Wisely, The1985IMDb button
Long Arm of the Law1984IMDb button
Look Out, Officer1990IMDb button
Love Me, Love my Money
Love on a Diet2001IMDb button
Love on Delivery1994IMDb button
Magnificent Butcher,The1979IMDb button
Magnificent Scoundrels, The1991IMDb button
Martial Arts of Shaolin1986IMDb button
Master Q, 20012001IMDb button
Master Wong Vs Master Wong1993IMDb button
Mr. Nice Guy1997IMDb button
Mr. Vampire1985IMDb button
My Cousin, the Ghost1987IMDb button
My Schoolmate, the Barbarian2001IMDb button
Okinawa Rendezvous2000IMDb button
On the Run1988IMDb button
Operation Scorpio1991IMDb button
Organized Crime and Triad Bureau1994IMDb button
Para Para Sakura2001IMDb button
Peacock King1988IMDb button
Peking Opera Blues1986IMDb button
Postman Fights Back, The1981IMDb button
Princess-d2001IMDb button
Prison on Fire1987IMDb button
Prison on Fire II1991IMDb button
Raid, The1991IMDb button
Rock and Roll Cop1994IMDb button
Romancing Bullet
Rosa1986IMDb button
Royal Tramp1992IMDb button
Royal Warriors1986IMDb button
Runaway2001IMDb button
Running Out of Time 22001IMDb button
Second Time Around2001IMDb button
Shanghai Affairs1998IMDb button
Shanghai Shanghai1990IMDb button
Shaolin Kung Fu1994IMDb button
She Shoots Straight1990IMDb button
Shogun and Little Kitchen1992IMDb button
Sixty Million Dollar Man1995IMDb button
Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon1990IMDb button
Skyline Cruisers2000IMDb button
Spooky Encounters1980IMDb button
Supercop 21993IMDb button
Suspect, The1998IMDb button
Sword Stained with Royal Blood, The1993IMDb button
Swordsman1990IMDb button
Swordsman II1994IMDb button
Tai Chi II1996IMDb button
Tiger Cage1988IMDb button
Tiger Cage II1990IMDb button
Top Bet, The1991IMDb button
Treasure Hunt1994IMDb button
United We Stand and Swim2001IMDb button
Vampire Vs. Vampire1992IMDb button
Victim, The1999IMDb button
War Named Desire, A2000IMDb button
Wicked City1992IMDb button
Winners and Sinners1983IMDb button
Witch from Nepal1985IMDb button
Wonder Seven1994IMDb button
Wu Yen2001IMDb button
Yes, Madam1985IMDb button
Zu, Warriors of the Magic Mountain1983IMDb button

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