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Now that I have time to spend on the site, I'm going to shake things up a bit. Starting with the new logo you should be seeing. Until I settle on a final design the site layout will be in flux; some old, some new. Also, I am working on my 10 Pretty Good Movies, 2002 edition.

In the meantime, I have a review of Michelle Yeoh's baby, The Touch. Find out what I thought.

Also, I got an A- on my paper but I think my instructor was just dazzled by my spelling and grammar.

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I'm back! I've completed my java certification, at least the first level, wrote my paper for school and finished the larger part of the holiday preparations. In theory, I'll be able to update more regularly, now.

No review this time out, just my paper for my film class, which by the way, I haven't been graded on yet so I can't swear to it being particularly insightful. The version I handed in didn't have the benefit of screen shots so this is the deluxe version. I took the class in an effort to write more incisive reviews but we just wrote the one piece. However, it is on a great movie which happens to fit in my mission statement so without further ado...

NOTE: While testing the new page under Netscape 4, I discovered an error which was also in the article on my Favorite Hong Kong movies. That has been corrected.

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A slightly smaller gap this time but I probably won't post again until around Thanksgiving. This week check out my review of a Korean time travel/thriller/mystery/actioner. Also, I've archived the 3rd quarter of 2002, what little there was.

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Well, my personal stuff still isn't taken care of but I thought I ought to let any interested parties know I am still around.

I've got short reviews of a couple of wide release films and I give Big Shot's Funeral the full treatment.

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