Updates 4/2002 - 6/2002

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I've got short reviews on Mission Kashmir and Tears of the Black Tiger. Oddly, these are both musicals. The main event is Wesley's Mysterious File.

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Apparently, gangster comedies were the big thing in South Korea last year. I'm adding My Boss, My Hero to Kick the Moon and My Wife is a Gangster. Once I get Hi Dharma I'll have a complete set.

There's a boatload of new capsule reviews. I went to the video store the other day, which I haven't done in a while so I've filled in a few holes from last fall. Then, of course, there were the new releases for the weekend.

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No full metal reviews today, just The Bourne Identity and Windtalkers.

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I watched Versus the other night, with my hubby. Here's what he had to say about it:

Japanese zombie gangster flick. Pretty sure that 99.9% of the budget was squibs, fake blood and zombie prosthetics. Oh, and leather goods. Definitely the movie Kurasawa would have made, if he was psychotic.

I give it the full treatment.

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Today's entry is the drama Princess-D.

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This week I have the blaxploitation spoof Undercover Brother and the action extravaganza 2000 AD.

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I've finally added credits and pics to Avalon.

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Ummm... It's only been three weeks since I posted an update. I will try to do better. Problem is watching the movie is easy, writing the review is hard.

This week I have The Master, Enigma, and, of course, Episode II.

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Well, Spider-Man finally opened. Was it all I dreamed? However, that is not the main review of the week. That goes to The Emperor's New Clothes. See what I thought.

We are well into the second quarter of 2002 so I have archived the first quarter.

By the way, I don't expect to post anything next weekend as I have to finish my project.

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Sorry I didn't post last week. I had a big homework project and I had to see The Scorpion King, of course. I saw Rain in Talk Cinema and I have a little to say about it. I also have some notes on the Second Time Around with Ekin Cheng and Cecilia Cheung. The major review is of an oldy but a goody, Jet Li's Hitman.

I've got another slogan :

  • For the movies that have come and gone, somewhere!

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Last weekend I saw the Korean epic, Musa so I have a review and some screen captures I think are pretty good. Also, I didn't exactly see the French film, Time Out.

We here at NotComingSoon.com are trying to come up with a slogan. So far we have:

  • For the movies that are foreign, obscure, big-screen and kick-ass, ALL at the SAME TIME!
  • Not Coming Soon to a theater near you, you culturally imperialist Yankee dog!
  • Reviewing globally since the last millenium

Obviously, these aren't quite right. If you have a better suggestion, please email me at NCS@NotComingSoon.com or use this form.

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Today, I have reviews of the Korean blockbuster JSA and the Hong Kong gender bending comedy Beauty and the Breast. Also, I fixed The Legend of Zu so that clicking on Sky King or Enigma doesn't bring up a picture from Jakarta.

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