Updates 10/2001 - 12/2001

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Finally, some new stuff! I've added a full review of Horror Hotline and a quick opinion of Ocean's 11.

Also, I've added DVD cover art to a bunch of Cinemania reviews.

The Breed
Horror Hotline ... Big Head Monster
Ocean's 11
Born to Defence
The Duel
God of Cookery
Heroes Shed No Tears
The Miracle Fighters
The New Legend of Shaolin
The Occupant
Saga of the Phoenix


I finished bringing over reviews from Cinemania. If there's anybody out there, I'd like to know whether the new longer style or the old short style with highlights is preferred.
My Dog Skip
The New Legend of Shaolin
The Occupant
Saga of the Phoenix


First, the cosmetic changes... "At the Cineplex" has been renamed "Coming Soon or Came and Went" so I include movies I might see a bit early through the auspices of Talk Cinema but will have a wide release.

Also, I brought some reviews over from my old site, Cinemama's Cinemania.

Blank Check
Born to Defence
A Close Shave
The Duel
God of Cookery
A Grand Day Out
Heroes Shed No Tears
A Kid From Tibet
The Miracle Fighters
Les Vampires


OK, I finally got off my dead butt and assembled the survey results. Take a look.
Survey Results


Yes, I saw Harry Potter and here's what I thought. Also, here are the screen captures for Shaolin Soccer.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone
Shaolin Soccer - Pictures


I have heard that Fulltime Killer is the Hong Kong nominee for the foreign language Oscar so I thought I better get my review, such as it is, up. Be sure to check out the screen shots. Do I think it is Oscar material? No, but I didn't think Gladiator was either. Do I think the academy will vote white like they always do? Yes. Also, I added another question to the survey and screen shots to Whispers of the Heart.
Fulltime Killer
Whispers of the Heart - Pictures


The Survey is now functional. However, there are no results as of yet. So, hurry up and sound off about the best and worst movies you've seen this year.


Today's entrees are La Cienaga and Tape. For dessert, there's Monsters, Inc.
La Cienaga
Monsters, Inc.


Here are full reviews for the Studio Ghibli anime Whispers  of the Heart and a quicky reaction to Sidewalks of New York.
Whispers of the Heart
Sidewalks of New York


I got a boat load of reviews to add from back in the day (September on) and I'm finally getting around to putting them in. Now that it's been and gone, here's the review for Liam. Also, my Bio is up and there's a capsule review of The One.
The One


Today we have a full review of a new Wong Jing action comedy, My School Mate, the Barbarian, starring Nicholas Tse and Stephen Fung. Also my reaction to The Musketeer.
My School Mate, the Barbarian
The Musketeer


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Not Coming Soon. I'm starting out with a full review of Stephen Chiau's latest, Shaolin Soccer. If you are not familiar with Stephen Chiau, he has been called the Chinese Jim Carrey, but personally I think he's much funnier. Also capsule reviews of movies your cineplex and video store will be more likely to have.
Shaolin Soccer
Iron Monkey
A Knight's Tale