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I have a special guest review, of Avalon, from my spouse. Having written the thing, he was all antsy for me to put it up so I am. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do the cast and writing credits or do some pretty pictures. I will do that when I get back.

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First the bad news. I will not be able to post any updates next weekend and probably not the weekend after that. However, I do expect to have plenty of viewing time and plenty of writing time so I'm hoping to have a boatload of new stuff in three weeks.

You may have noticed some changes in the layouts over the last several weeks. On the one hand I want to had some glitz to the site ( and use the stuff I'm learning in school ). On the other hand, I would like the site to be accessible and not have prohibitively long downloads. For this reason, I've added a survey to find out what anybody who might actually be reading this thinks. I do not request any demographic information and it has nothing to do with marketing, other than how I mught jazz the site up. I would very much appreciate your opinions.

I am also inaugurating a new column with Hong Kong and other foreign movies that I couldn't be bothered to do a full blown review of. I will also be moving films such as Bangkok Dangerous and Brotherhood of the Wolf (Les Pacte des Loups) which had releases here (US) but are subtitled, out of Coming Soon and into the new feature, Quick Cuts. The new film in this category for this week is The Tree Swordsmen.

Oh yeah, I saw Blade II. And finally, the review of the week is for My Wife is Gangster, a Korean action comedy. You gotta love the name.

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I've been a good little couch potato this week because my daughter was home sick so I've seen The Order and Ghost World and am happy to share my fleeting thoughts. In addition, there's a full dress review of Running Out of Time 2.

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This week's review is the supernatural, action, comedy 2002. Take a look.

I've taken the individual entries for each movie in Coming Soon out of the Contents because I felt they were adding clutter. This means the only links to the individual films will be from here, Updates.

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Welcome to the new home of Not Coming Soon, NotComingSoon.com. Gradually, over the next several weeks as I find time between work and school, I will be updating the pages (such as the email address) to go with our new place. Starting with archiving the last quarter of 2001 of this Updates page.

What with one thing and another, this week there is just the one review, Although I added cover art to a couple of reviews which I discovered had never had any,

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It's been three weeks since I posted a review, Sorry about that, but we had a new arrival in the family and you know what a pain it is to get a new computer configured to one's liking, not to mention integrated into the family network. Then we got a cable modem and that solved some of the network issues but I had to revel in the bandwidth.

So anyway ... there's a detailed review of The Avenging Fist and a couple of words on Kandahar, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Count of Monte Cristo.


I made good use of the long weekend last week and watched a boat load of movies including Kick the Moon. I was in a French mood from Brotherhood of the Wolf so another one I got around to watching was Crimson Rivers which also starred Vincent Cassel. You can read my full reports on Kick the Moon, a shorty on Crimson Rivers and an even shorter item on The Son's Room.


I did a full review on Jakarta which meant I had to take the capsule review out of 10 Pretty Good Movies. Also, I finally got to see Les Pacte des Loups. See what I had to say about that. This last week, I discovered The Legend of Zu is no longer available in the US. At Les Pacte des Loups I found out why. It is Coming Soon under the name Zu Warriors. I've added a link in the Contents with that title.


I've got a review of Lau Ching Wan's La Brassiere as well as what I thought of Amelie and From Hell. Also, there's an explanation of the ratings in "FAQ & Bio".


I just added some screen captures to The Legend of Zu.


The review of the week is Tsui Hark's eagerly awaited The Legend of Zu.

The Breed was pretty popular last week so I've added some screen captures.

Also, since my survey was just for a school project and there hasn't been much interest, if I receive no posts to it by the end of January I'm going to take it down. I don't think it will be missed.


Here's my look back at 2001 with some pretty good films I saw last year.

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